Faces using keyboard symbols

Text Messaging, Chat Abbreviations and Smiley Faces - Webopedia459, Means I love you (ILY is 459 using keypad numbers). 4COL, For crying out loud. 4EAE, Forever and ever. 4NR, Foreigner. ^5, High-fiveAAK, Asleep at keyboard. AAK, Alive and kicking. AAMOF, As a matter of fact. AAMOI, As a matter of interest. AAP, Always a pleasure. AAR, At any rateF2F, Face to face. F2P, Free to play (online gaming). FAAK, Falling asleep at keyboard. FAF, Funny as *freak*

How to Make Keyboard Symbols Using the "Alt" Key2-page printable desk reference of 300 keyboard symbols you can make using the Alt Key and numeric keypad. IncludesTo insert symbols using the Alt Key, you'll need to use the numeric keypad. The numbers on the top of your keyboard don't work for this.TIP** You can also make smiley faces, hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, arrows, musical notes and other design symbols just with the Times New Roman or Arial fonts (see how below).

Can you make pictures with keyboard symbols? - Yahoo! AnswersI've seen pictures made from keyboard symbols, like smiley face :-) Smiley with tongue sticking out :-P a butt (_x_) and I saw a fishy on here yesterday <*)))>< I sent my husband's friend the fish yesterday (we are always competing with each other in our emails) and he said "That's cute, but if

How to Make a Cowboy Using Keyboard Symbols | eHow.comHow to Make a Cowboy Using Keyboard Symbols. With the advancement of technology, handwritten notes are fast becoming part of the past, replaced by those funny little charactersOne of the most famous of these is the keyboard smiley face. Add a cute twist to it by turning the smiley face into a cowboy keyboard symbol.Put some emotion into the cowboy hero by using the variations of the smiley face along with the symbols used for the hat. The

Free Alt Key Keyboard Symbols List and InstructionsBullets • Astrological Symbols • Religious Symbols Suns • Stars • Smiley Faces • Decorations • Arrows The symbol codes work best for print publications but NOT always in EMAILFor a long time, I never knew the secret to these "missing" keyboard symbols until one day I was given a list of them. Ah-ha! No more mystery. SecretUsing the numeric keypad, hold down the Alt key, hit the Zero key and then three additional numbers in succession. For

WikiAnswers - How do you make symbol and smiley faces with theKeyboarding question: How do you make symbol and smiley faces with the keyboard keys? OK! To the person down there who only talked about making rabbits, and a cat, is some stupid retard. ToHow do you do smiley symbols? How do you make smiley roses? What are the smiley face keys? What smiley symbols are there? Smiley faces using the keyboard? How do you make a smiley symbol? Symbols and smileys on keyboard? What are the smiley faces symbols? How

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Faces using keyboard symbols
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Are you a pro with making faces with the keyboard symbolsApr 16, 2009 Tell me what some of the expressions mean please. I know some of them Look! I found this yeah I know got to much time on my hands!! Lol!! 0=) ~Angel :-t ~Angry ~:0 ~Baby :-o ~Bored :-# ~Braces =) ~Happy :-) ~Happy :) ~Happy <3 ~Heart :-| ~Indifferent X-p ~Joking \VVV/ ~King :-)* , :-* ~Kiss =D ~Laughing out Loud <3 ~Love =/ ~Mad :-)(-: ~Married <:3)~ ~Mouse ~,~ ~Napping :-B ~Nerd ^_^ ~Overjoyed =8) ~ Pig \&&&/ ~Princess